Powder coating of motorcycle parts

We are experts in powder coating vehicle parts, mainly small parts like attachment parts of motorcycles which most of our customers bring to us. Here, we are guided by your own suggestions and also help you with new ideas. Thread and bearing guides are kept free. You can send also small parts such as brake lever, gusset plates, clamps, turn signal housings, brackets, handlebar riser and many other stuff in this magnitude, we know how to handle components like this. Small parts starting at 4€ per piece. We adapt ourselves to your individual custom project and want to deliver you the best result in terms of quality and appearance. Special requests are regarded. We are your contact for high quality restorations and convincing our experience and expertise.

Powdercoating of vehicle parts | About powder coating

We are constantly expanding our range of surface treatment. Powder coating in many RAL-colors and effects, such as metallic, glazes, textures and wrinkle finish are possible as well.
This type of surface sealing is achieved with static, atomization of the powder and the creation of liability on the object. The baking process takes place in the combustion chamber at about 180°C. The powder is melting and coats the goods with a, to environmental influences largely resistant, coating. A further advantage is the lamination of small unevenness due to layer thickness. Although due to outgassing, particularly in aluminium and cast possible, occur smallest craters or pinholes, this surface coating is a good alternative for multilayer wet paint. Galvanized parts can outgas particular in the baking process. A primer is here essential.

Normally, old coatings are chemically removed and then the surface will be sandblasted. This is very important because old coatings in inaccessible corners are not covered by the sandblasting. The old coating would be coated, what new rusting would result later. This is especially true for motorcycle frames which are very complex constructed. So do not be surprised, we will quote a few euros more there. Aluminium parts will be chromated (passivated).

Powder coating of motorcycle spoke wheels

When you decide to customize your spoke wheels, we can advise you with our longstanding experience in both sections, the surface finishing and the wheelbuilding. For your project, we need information about color, surface structure and the components which have to be coated.
The spoked wheel in the picture for example, was at many sections heavily corroded and that does not provide a good basis for a glossy coat. Firstly gas emissions are the problem which are caused by the corrosion in the material, secondly the uneven surface of the offended material. In this case, you are well advised to choose a satin or flat black surface structure. You can also order tires from us, tubes and rim tapes we have in stock. Then you can get your spoke wheel back in a ready to mount condition without the risk to let the wheels beeing scratched by a mishandling tire-dealer.

If you want to refine your spoke wheels with a powder coating, you have a variety of design options:

1. Overall coating, including all components in a not disassembled condition, in a uniform color. With these option a centering or new spoking is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the wheels. Subsequent centering would cause the coating to tear to the rotational surfaces of the nipple. An inexpensive alternative to the single component coating.

2. Rim and hub coated, wheel assembling with stainless steel spokes and nickel-plated brass nipples or brass gold appearance.

3. Rim, hub and spokes coated. The nipples still remain uncoated. In this variation, almost all single components of the entire spoke wheel are coated. To set a course, the nipples are not be coated. Again you can choose between nickel-plated brass and brass gold appearance.

Normally we do not perform a powder coating of the spoke nipples because the force of the jaw spanner, while the centering action, can cause bruises which of course affect the appearance (the coating is usually still intact). If there are bruised nipples after centering, you have the possibility to fix the discoloration with a paint pen appropriate to your color.

In some design cases, it is not an option to let the nipples uncoated. Then of course we make exceptions. In a spoke wheel with 36 coated nipples, three of them have apparent bruising traces.