Exhaust system coating 

We normally think about an exhaust coating, when it is about to rust. This rusted exhaust manifolds, mufflers, exhaust pipes, you can  deliver to us in a disassembled state. We are doing the rest of the preparations. In preparing the surface, the components are meticulously freed of rust and old coatings, so our exhaust system coating can achieve a longterm preservation. Not removable attachments, such as exhaust embellisher out of carbon fiber, we can keep clear for the customer, so that they will not be coated. 

Comparing an exhaust system before and after the coating, it is clear, that our EEC is specially in rusted equipments the ideal solution. The appearance will be restored and the exhaust system parts get a long-term preservation which prevents corrosion reliably. This exhaust system coating was developed for the US military and taken from motorsport. High temperature coatings of exhaust systems are exposed to special influences which vary from case to case. We have good experiences with a silicone-ceramic-mixture which stands temperatures above 1000°C. Please keep in mind that on a red-hot iron, these coatings can not survive in the long run.

Coating for exhaust pipes and manifolds

This paints are also excellent for the second coating on chrome. The film thickness is not so thin, do not get quickly cracks and makes scars and scratches rather invisible. The appearance of the of the exhaust system coating has a flat color finish. The substrate is treated accordingly so, that no flaking is happening. We take special care!

The exhaust coating is available in different colors, but we recommend flat black. The surface quality depends on the condition of the product. For example, when the manifold is heavily rusted, slight dimples will be later on display because of corrosion damage. But this has no influence on the surface quality of the exhaust coating. The surface coating is baked in our company, in an industrial furnace, but has to undergo a baking process on your machine. This process is settled in a writing beside your delivered goods. Also engravings as the type number or the approval number are still recognizable after coating.