Customized motorcycle spokes

We manufacture the quality spokes on our own machines. The spokes are from proven stainless band and galvanized steel wires. Our specialities are our nirosta spokes, also known as stainless steel spokes. Do not be guided by old manuals, where the author wrote that those steels are breaking. Our recipes are excellent and in conjunction with our expertise, you are on the safe side. Think also about the subsequent re-centering of the wheels. This only works if the threads are still accessible. When you choose nirosta spokes you won’t have rust problems. Our motorcycle spokes usually come with nickel-plated brass nipples, good for gliding properties, galvanized and stainless nipples on request. We are not longer working with chrome spokes because they are elongating during the tensioning process and the hard chromium layer breaks into a thousand pieces. For this reason OEM’s manufactured goods are usually made of gloss galvanized wire. The wire gets, however, black spots very fast and the threads are getting rusty, so that you cannot move the nipples.A true revival is currently experiencing the nirosta single butted spoke with their excellent features such as weight reduction and shaft solidification. Beside CWC in England we are manufacturers of these spokes in Europe. The butted end is not compressed but the rest of the spoke is reduced. So the head is compressed only once and it is not getting brittle. Especially, when we work on car wheels of third countries, we have the problem of head demolition. This type of demolition we also find at Harley spokes that were not manufactured by the swage principle. The swaging is very time consuming, but the slightly higher price of the single butted spokes bears no relation to a repair. Often the crash comes with your fully loaded motorcycle on the holiday trip, when you does not expect it and you at least need it.Use of stainless spokes:The nirosta spoke is used in cases, where priority is placed in the stable value. These automobile and motorcycle spokes are in every respect friendly to service and the purchase price is rarely higher than that of an original spoke.

Motorcycle spoke production

Basically we produce automobile and motorcycle spokes in accordance to your pattern, so do not throw the old spokes away. Also quote the desired nipple dimension. We manufacture spokes in thicknesses from 2.5 to 5.8mm.

Motorcycle spoke calculation

When you don’t have any informations about the spoke dimensions of your wheelset, the only possibility is, to send us your hubs and rims to make a spoke calculation. This process is only possible with you wheelset materials in our company.